Just talk, it’s faster.

Send audio in Gmail.

Record & send your message.

Ever wanted to explain something in email? SmallTalk helps you get your point across, where email just won’t do it.

I’m in love with this tool. Explaining my idea with SmallTalk is a dream. It has 10x more impact than a normal email.
SmallTalk is insane. Works like WhatsApp. SmallTalk’s moustache is the most helpful thing in my life 🙂
I love using SmallTalk to explain my plans. It’s powerful, faster and gets the message across better than an email.

Fast, simple and easy.

With SmallTalk, you can get your point across, over email, in a fast, simple and easy way. It’s a really easy-to-use Google Chrome extension, it’s free and it’s awesome (we think so anyway!).